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Mr. Fujimoto's case (overcame cancer with only 5% of possibility of healing)
Mr. Fujimoto's testicular tumor was found in September 1988 and he had an operation immediately. However, the cancer had already metastasized to his lungs and peritoneum through his lymphoglandula. He was told that he could live for only 3 - 6 more months. Mr. Fujimoto, who was diagnosed to have a cancer of 95% fatality rate, started to take Agaricus Blazei Murrill because one of his neighbors recommended it through his experience of overcoming a vesical cancer of the last stage. He was under intravenous feeding of anticancer when he started to take Agaricus Blazei Murrill. His doctor anticipated side effects, which turned out to be almost non-existent, and Mr. Fujimoto showed a recovery by walking around in the hospital. His cancer kept hanging in the balance, but one month later, the X-ray shadow in his lungs disappeared and many cancer cells in his peritoneum was eliminated. His blood test result demonstrated that he was a normal person. His doctor stopped further scheduled operation and it was confirmed through the last abdominal operation that all his cancer cells were gone. Mr. Fujimoto is alive, and back to his job now.
Mr. Miyoshi's case (fine and sound 12 years after a big surgery)
Mr. Miyoshi was found to have stomach cancer and his remaining life was estimated as 3 months. The result of diagnosis was desperate even if he would go through a surgery, but Mr. Miyoshi insisted to have the operation. A big abdominal operation including extraction of the wholly undermined stomach and resection of esophageal, spleen and pancreas was performed. The operation was a success, but critical condition persisted due to his exhaustion. Mr. Miyoshi started to take Agaricus Blazei Murill because his family recommended it. After a certain period of progress and retrogress, he has survived well beyond the estimated 3 months - and now it is 12 years after the operation. Fine and sound in his 70's, he is vigorously working every day at a nearby farmland cultivating vegetables without using pesticides. No one would believe that he was expected to die 12 years ago.
Ms. Kayoko T's statement (overcame rheumatism with no hope of recovery)
Deformation of my fingers started when I was 32. My wrists got swollen and it was hard to bend them. Though I received continuous treatment at university and private hospitals, the situation only got worse. One day I asked my doctor if any surgery is possible for my disease. The doctor said no and passed me a large paper bag full of medicines as usual. So I had to continue taking the medicines, suffering from its side effects when a friend of mine recommended me to take Agaricus Blazei Murill. After a discussion about it with my husband, I started to take it, though a little dubiously. A month later, I felt less pain and fatigue. In two months, my swelling began to decrease in size. Once I could not even hold a glass, but I could hold a needle then. When I visited the hospital for checkup 3 months after I started to take Agaricus Blazei Murill, the doctor said that my rheumatic symptoms are gone. I am so happy now, since I recovered my health again with no side effects, thanks to Agaricus Blazei Murill.

Ms. Kazuko O's statement (overcame diabetes mellitus with decrease of sight)
One day I felt fatigue, lack of concentration and decreased energy. I consulted a doctor and learned that I had diabetes. The doctor gave me medicines and dietotherapy instructions. Tasteless meals made me feel gloomy. What was worse, my diabetes was complicated by a second disease - I started to have a cerebral hemorrhage in the eyes - though I followed every instructions from my doctor. The white of my right eye turned black and my left eye always carried some black spots. The doctor recommended an immediate operation which I accepted. After the operation, my eyes recovered whiteness. But I lost substantial sight, which I could not recover by wearing glasses. On the other hand, my blood sugar value did not drop while I lost my body weight. At this period my concerns reached the peak, worrying about possibility of side diseases and dystrophia even if I would follow all the instructions from my doctor. So I jumped when the idea of trying Agaricus Blazei Murrill was suggested by a friend of mine. During one month of trial of the recipe, my sight was regained without glasses, my blood sugar value fell down and the lost body weight was recovered. Now I am spending pleasant days again.