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The manufacturer of Yuki-no Agaricus in Shizuoka Japan is the biggest and most advanced producer of soft capsules in Japan, its facilities are managed under even stricter rules than the Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines.

The whole premises is maintained at +ve pressure inside, the HEPA filters employed can effectively guarantee all the products to be dust/pollutant free.
All the raw materials prepared for production would be sent to in-house laboratories to be quality tested.
The outer layer of the soft capsules are blended in this container.
Concentrated agaricus thick paste is blended in this container.
Soft agaricus capsules are formed here. The whole process takes 12 hrs.
Every soft capsule would be quality assured by computers and inspection personnel so as to achieve 0% imperfection.
Samples from every batch of soft capsules and data such as those collected from stability tests, dissolution rate tests, microbiological tests, heavy metal analyses, HPLC analyses......etc would be kept for 5 years.